Advanced Tricks to Write an SEO Friendly Content 2019

What is Search Engine Optimization? Well, Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO is basically an optimization of the page in which there are different tools and techniques are employed to optimize a certain page or an entire website to get a rank on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs).

Even in content writing, SEO has a major and vital role to play. Following the Google Algorithms and creating SEO friendly content is not that cumbersome task. It simply requires utilizing some techniques and tricks for the optimization to get a high rank on different search engine or specifically on Google. 

To create that SEO-friendly content, which is loved by the search engine is definitely followed by some tricks and strategies. Therefore, below listed are the advanced tricks to write an SEO friendly content in 2019.

1. Authentic Content

Usually, people say that content is the king. Of course, content is the essence of SEO. If you are willing to write SEO-friendly content, then the first step should be towards creating fresh and authentic content.

To get the desired result on SEO, framing and structuring the authentic content along with the reliable information and knowledge for the readers is a must.

2. Eye-Catching Title

Before you begin with the procedure of writing a blog or article, take time to research the topic to create an eye-catching title.

Yes, eye-catching title, which clearly means that it perfectly, fits into the subconscious mind of the reader whenever he/she thinks about the title. Moreover, the title should compel the reader to read the entire blog without even getting bored. Keep it short but informative!

3. Correct Keyword Placement

If you are simply stuffing your blog with the keywords, then it wills definitely not going to fetch a rank on search engine rather Google will directly spam the website for keyword stuffing activity. Besides that, correct keyword placement is equally essential. Either first 100 words or last 100 words of the blog are perfect for the keyword placement.

For SEO-friendly content, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are crucial so that the keyword sound genuine.

4. Internal and External Linking

For on-page SEO tactics, internal and external linking is a significant procedure, which is integrated into the blog to boost the Domain as well as Page authority of the website. Basically, internal linking is a hyperlink, which redirects the user to another page of the same domain/website. External Linking are also hyperlinks but they are specifically targeted to another domain or website.

To get that desired recognition on Google or other search engines, internal and external linking to high domain authority websites will positively influence the blog.

There are a lot of tricks and strategies to create SEO-friendly content apart from the above-mentioned ones. To get the best tips and knowledge about Search Engine Optimization to create and publish high quality of SEO-friendly content, why not to get in touch with the experts?

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